Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cute Outdoor Sign-HOW TO!

It seems I am starting to spend my Saturday's making something that I was inspired by on Pinterest. 
Here is another. I saw this sign little saying, and thought it would be perfect for my mom's greenhouse. 

So I cut 5 boards, each one was 12 inches long
Decided I wanted the letters white, so I gave it a couple of coats of spray paint, let dry!
 Once they were dry I brought them in and started cutting out my letters.
 I used my cricut, I selected several different fonts and sizes. I cut them out of white contact paper. 
 Once I had them all arranged I peeled off the back and stuck them in place. Make sure to stick them down very good. 
 I went back outside and sprayed over the boards, including the sides. I let this dry until it was tacky, and then carefully removed all of the letters. 
 I let that paint dry overnight, and then sanded the edges slightly. To put it all together, I cut 8 pieces of wire, and bent them into a U shape. I drilled small holes in the corners of the boards to put the wire through, and 2 larger holes at the top, I decided to hang it with rope. 
 Once the wire is though all the holes, I used a pliers to twist the wire down tightly against the board. Some I tapped down with a hammer so it didn't stick out too far. 
 To help feed the rope through I taped it off. It makes feeding the rope though much easier. 
 Then remove the tape, tie a knot and you are done!

It is now ready to hang up! Her employees and customers will love it! 


  1. I love it!! Fabulous!

  2. Love that saying and your sign turned out so cute!


  3. Homemade outdoor signs can be very creative at the same time they can be unique too. They are also very cost effective and long lasting.

  4. Oh goodness! This is the cutest sign. I'd love to feature it on my April Spring round ups and I'd love for you to come link it up at Throwback Thursdays.