Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The flood of 2012

Who would have ever thought that the city on the hill, Duluth Mn would flood?? We have had over 10 inches of rain since yesterday and there is more coming. The entire city is under a state of emergency. Many businesses closed today because so many roads were impassable. I have never seen anything like this ever before. Here are some photos that I took around town today. 

 This is Chester creek
 Everything was washing downtown, many streets were covered with mud, rocks and debris!
 Chester Park

 Side of a road washed away

 More road damage

 half of this road just gave away, the dirt underneath washed away.

 This is a car lot, it is full of cars, many just can not be seen anymore!

Here is where our camper was parked last night, good thing the hubby thought to move it, otherwise we would have lost it! 
 This is that same spot this morning!

 My front yard...

 There is water coming across the entire length of the driveway.
 My garden, under about a foot of water, I am sure it will all rot. But this is the worst of our damage, we are very lucky. The house is fine and we have no major water damage.
 and my peonies are still blooming!
 This is the creek in the front of my house, the water has come down about a foot from where it was earlier today.
 and well, I got new boots, if I couldn't justify them today, then I never could!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Junky Planters!

This weekend I finished up all of my planting! The garden is in, the beds are all weeded and I filled all of my junk with flowers! 
 This old wheelbarrow was perfect for a tin container full of succulents!
 Same with the tool box! I plan to bring them indoors in the fall!
 Here is my potting bench, with a cute little pot to hold all of my tools! Now if only I could get the kids to put them back when they are done diggin up worms!
 This is an old lamp, turned into a planter! I just love it!

 Here is the front of the house, my porch is my favorite spot to sit and read while drinking my coffee, my latest book....everyone is talking about it, and for good reason! 50 shades of Grey!! I am on book 2 and love it!!
 I love bird feeders, but the crows keep eating all of the food!
 Isn't this cool! Made with old license plates!!

 I even have a "junky" owl!
 This is my latest trash to treasure! Found the empty barrel at work ready to go in the dumpster! It was a shipping crate of some sort! I brought it home and filled it with red begonias!
Are you done planting? 
What type of junk do you plant in??