Monday, January 17, 2011

Bedroom Enhancments

Ha ha!! Did that get your attention??

About a year ago I "accidentally" re-did my master bedroom, and it turned out great. You can see that entire post HERE.

Well recently I have been inspired to "copy" one of my very favorite blogging buddies for a challenge that she will be hosting very soon. Check out those details here so you can join in the fun! So I re-did the master bedroom, nothing major, we can just say that I enhanced it a bit! The results are even better than I imagined they would be!! So here goes...

1st thing I did different, I moved the dressers, now they feel like they are in the right place. I also made burlap and muslin ruffle runners for both of them. 
Next, I did what I have always wanted to do, I made our bed into a 4 poster bed, using Deck Posts!! We had to extend the frame out 9 inches and then add the posts. I then painted them white and antiqued them with my Ralph Lauren smoke colored glaze.

Pillows, pillows, pillows! I made 6 of them. They are all different fabrics and textures and it really helps to pull the entire room together. 

This is for you Donna!! :) 

 Flowers, I bought a blend of dried flowers and I also bought a bunch of silks that have lights in them, and together they are perfect! I wish I could do them justice in the photos!!

 Dried and painted hydrangeas from my summer garden

Sweet little birdie pillow! 

This didn't change much, I added burlap behind each of the pictures. I sewed the photo to the burlap and then used super 77 to adhere them to the window. 

This is my version of the white trash bedroom. Thanks Donna for the inspiration!!! 
Check out my Inspiration and Donna's post here
This was fun, now it is time to copy MMS!! 

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