Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The flood of 2012

Who would have ever thought that the city on the hill, Duluth Mn would flood?? We have had over 10 inches of rain since yesterday and there is more coming. The entire city is under a state of emergency. Many businesses closed today because so many roads were impassable. I have never seen anything like this ever before. Here are some photos that I took around town today. 

 This is Chester creek
 Everything was washing downtown, many streets were covered with mud, rocks and debris!
 Chester Park

 Side of a road washed away

 More road damage

 half of this road just gave away, the dirt underneath washed away.

 This is a car lot, it is full of cars, many just can not be seen anymore!

Here is where our camper was parked last night, good thing the hubby thought to move it, otherwise we would have lost it! 
 This is that same spot this morning!

 My front yard...

 There is water coming across the entire length of the driveway.
 My garden, under about a foot of water, I am sure it will all rot. But this is the worst of our damage, we are very lucky. The house is fine and we have no major water damage.
 and my peonies are still blooming!
 This is the creek in the front of my house, the water has come down about a foot from where it was earlier today.
 and well, I got new boots, if I couldn't justify them today, then I never could!


carol fun said...

Oh my goodnees!!! Glad you are ok and haven't had too much damage. Hope it stops very very soon so everyone can dry out. Take care!

PS -- great boots!!

daisydilly (vicki) said...

Certainly hope this is ALL the damage you get!! Will be praying for you and your town.

I agree the boots are great!! But what a way to try them out!!

Amanda G said...

Scary! Glad to hear that you didn't suffer any major damage, unlike some of the other areas.

ann said...

I cannot imagine one 1" of rain, let alone 10. Your are quite welcome to send some to Colorado to put out the fires burning here. I am glad that your home is dry. I could see your basement filling up with water. Hopefully your garden will survive.

Kristin said...

My word! That is an insane amount of rain =/ Hope it starts to subside soon!

Hayley said...

Oh no, that is shocking to see. We are in mother nature's hands unfortunately. Hope you are safe. Hayley x

ioana carmen said...

chic and stylish!

~ Fashion Spot ~

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

Oh my goodness! I am just catching up on some blog reading and was shocked to see your water levels. It is mid July here now and we are praying for rain. Just not that much.

Tyrone Nold said...

Amanda is right. I also heard from a friend that a number of areas in Duluth were severely damaged. I feel sorry for those homeowners. Just look at how powerful the water is in the pictures.

Tyrone Nold

Soledad Feigenbaum said...

Whoa! The flood water looked like it was eating the whole landscape! The structural damage brought about by that storm was probably massive. You are lucky to get minor damages only. I hope the people there have finally recovered.

- Soledad Feigenbaum

Phoebe said...

Woah. One good thing is that, you are all safe. Did the flood come all the way inside your house too? How has it been since then? It would help to clean the exterior siding using household detergent and then rinsing well after. Meanwhile, clean and disinfect every affected surface inside your house. Scrub the surfaces with hot water and disinfect it with a solution of ¼ cup chlorine bleach per gallon of water.

Phoebe Clarke

Carlene Maysonet said...

This is so terrifying! How’s the situation there now? I hope the people have recovered from the damage that this flood brought to them. Restoring your house and the other things around you after water damage is not an easy task. But, people need to move forward. :) And, well, after what happened, people must take actions and must take this kind of incident so seriously to prevent another massive deluge in the future.

Carlene Maysonet