Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Fun!

Are you ready for Halloween?? 
This year Zach wanted to be a vampire bat, so we had to make a costume. I found several tutorials on how to make  bat wings with an old umbrella, but I didn't have a black one. The next day a work, someone left a broken black umbrella next to the trash... so I put it to good use!!! 
We took it apart and cut it in half. I then sewed the umbrella to each sleeve of the black shirt! Perfect!!! 

No vampire bat is complete without fangs and blood!
Nicholas decided to be a Vampire, I better sleep with one eye open this weekend! 

We all carved pumpkins this week too, such a wide variety of fun pumpkin looks! 

Nicholas did Frankenstein

Zach did his own Sponge Bob with no pattern, he just wanted to copy the picture on the book. 

And if you have an IPHONE for added fun you can download Zombie booth, my boys love this app! 

Happy Halloween!!!!! 

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Happy Saturday!
I was finally able to take some more photos of my crafty itmes for my shop! I am now going to begin working on stuff for Christmas! The burlap tree skirts and stickings will be back soon! 

Yes! These are the fat birds! I finally had some time to make more! 

Thanks for looking!! 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Get Closer with Keith Urban

That was the name of the latest Keith Urban tour, however we took it as a suggestion and we defiantly got closer. We were at the front the entire night and it was an amazing show!

This is Lucky Lisa getting a high 5 from Keith!!! 

 Yup, I did. Can you blame me?

If you have never seen Keith in concert, you do not know what you are missing. He is absolutely one of the best performers I have ever seen! This was my 8th KU show and it was one of the best! He played for nearly 3 hours, went into the crowd twice, gave away a guitar and had 6 different audience members on stage with him! 

I was able to get another KU squeeze when he came out on to the floor, he walked right by us, and I "grabbed" my opportunity!! 
Can't wait to see him again soon!!! 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Needle Felted Owl

Meet Milo...
 A few nights ago I created this little guy, Milo. I have a bunch of wool roving at home, so I picked it up and stared shaping him with my very sharp felting needle!
Once his little body was done, I added the chest, wings and face
And them of course his feet! He stands all on his own and is about 3 inches tall. 

Have you ever tried needle felting? It can be addicting! just be careful not to stab yourself, those needles are very sharp! 

Be sure to check back Friday for a fun giveaway opportunity!!