Sunday, August 29, 2010

In Stitches

Last week I stopped into my favorite little quilt shop, Hannah Johnsons. She had all kinds of fun new treats for me! I finally broke down and bought this Amy Butler book, it is full of tips, ideas and inspiration! 
Then I had fun looking though all the new fabrics!

I just loved this fabric, sorry for the crooked photo! The fabric is all kinds of sewing notions, so I made a fun apron for my sewing room!!
Then I decided that it was time for a new purse and wallet combo. So I made this

I love the new prints and colors, this one is a basic grey collection. I know that I will be back this week for more fabric in this print!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bag of surprises

So during my recent streak of treasure hunting, I have been picking up miscellaneous bags of sewing supplies and notions. If it looked interesting I would grab it and not really give it a second thought. It was a gallon size ziploc bag of who knows what for a buck, I really couldn't go wrong. I happen to have 3 now, all from different sales, and I have yet to go through them, until tonight! 
Imagine my delight when I dumped these babies out!!! 

So now I have dumped and sorted, and look at all of this,

I have about 30 pack of rick rack, most are unopened, and every color you could imagine. Look at the vintage labels 
And then I found theses little things, at first I thought they were some type of little dowel,

And then I realized that one had something inside, the tops came right off. 

What a great idea!!! And these needles, so heavy duty! I think they could sew through anything, I wonder if they will fit in my machine? 

Scissors, still sharp! 

What have you found while out hunting for treasures??? 

Monday, August 23, 2010


I think I may have an addiction. Ok I know I have several addictions. But this one is to desks. I have had 2 other "desks" that I have refinished and posted about, one of them less than a month ago. Neither once was an actual desk, so sitting at them was not always comfortable. 
This desk was my SIL's for over 12 years, and then her mother gave it to me about 10 years ago. It has been in 2 of my boys rooms, and with both of them, the most it did was accumulate junk and paper in the drawers. The hutch sat out in the garage for years, and my husband wanted to throw it out (gasp, how dare he even think that way!) And then on Friday I was looking at the lonely hutch in the garage and then I knew what I needed to do. 
Out came the power tools, paint and glaze. 
I sanded the entire thing down, removed the cork board, and all the shelves in the hutch, took off the old particle bead board from the back and started painting. Once the paint was dry I added a coat of Ralph Lauren smoke glaze, made some contact paper cut outs, spray painted the cork board and all the hardware, and about 10 pm Saturday night it was ready to come into the house.
Now even though this is in 2 pieces, it is still very heavy. So I strapped on my big girls muscles, since I have the Patience of a raging bull, and hauled the entire thing in all by myself. and if that weren't enough, I also managed to get the hutch on the top of the desk. The Hubbs wasn't home.... I had no choice, it was either that or wait till morning.
But now my little office corner is (once again) complete. 

I really think that this one is here to stay!!! 

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ready to go shopping?

Here we go! Here are the first selctions that I have added to my store tonight. All of them are Free Shipping to the US, and only $5 anywewhere else!! Happy Shopping!!

You may click each item and it will bring you right to my shop!!

Coffe bean bag. 

Recycled wood pumpkin
Burlap place mats and runner

Wood Antique Sign

Wallet or Clutch Purse

Ok, these are the first 5, stay tunned more fun things will be added throughout the evening, and tomorrow!!
Thanks for looking!


My ETSY extravaganza begins tonight!

Thank you all for the swwet comments on my shop! Many of you commented that you wished you live closer, so tonight I am going to bring my little shop to you! Stay tunned here for some fun! Begining at 6:00 pm CST I will start listing some new items on my ETSY shop, I will have Free Shipping and many new items to list!!!
So if you saw something that you really liked, you still may be able to get it! The event starts tonight, hope you stop by!

Remember there will be FREE SHIPPING!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Painted area rug

Remeber in my last post I said that something was missing?? 
Donna, you guessed it! it needs something on the floor, so I painted an area rug.

Use FROG tape, to mark off the area you want to paint, and begin with the first color.

Once dry, tape again with the next design, I went simple here, not enough time to go too crazy!

Now paint with the next color.

I remove the tape before it dries, no risk of having the paint peel up! 

Now I have a neat little area rug! The great thing about this one is I just have to sweep it to keep it clean!

Much better!! 

Now here are a few more pictures before I open tomorrow.

Here is the check out counter that my wonderful hubby built for me. The top is an old wood door, and the sides and front is from the crib my boys slept in! 

Now lets hope for a nice 2 days, no rain! 
I wish you all could come to my sale, but I know that is not possible, so stay tuned here Saturday night! 
I am finally going to update my ETSY site, there will be lots of gooides for you to choose from! 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shop sneak Peak

I have been crazy busy working on things for my shop! Here are just s few of my favorites!

The more I look at this picture, the more I think something is missing? Any ideas??? I have big plans for tomorrow night after work!! -Thanks for the idea Erin!! Check back for an update! :)

Hope to see you at the sale! I open Friday at 9!!!!