Monday, January 25, 2016

Easter is coming!

I imagine if I had an actual store with walls and windows this is what you would see in the next couple of weeks! 
These are all of my newest items that will be available in my shop this Friday! I worked all weekend on new pieces and creating a fun new twist in some things I have created in the past! It was fun to be re inspired and make them just different enough! 
You may remember these guys from a few years back, I designed them about 5 years ago and have sold them in a variety of ways, but I have to admit this is one of my favorites! 
This is a new wreath I'm working on. The carrots were so fun to make with twine and rit dye. Watch for a tutorial this week!!

That's its for now. Keep an eye on my IG account all week for more sneak peaks and a wonderful Valentine giveaway that's happening now!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

DIY ship lap wall photo back drop

So last week I had this idea. My hubby loves it when I text him things like "how big is the one wall in the yellow room" he responds with "what project am I doing now?!" 
You see we have this spare room, I'm am sure you all know what happens in a spare room. This happens:
This is where I take product photos. I am constantly tripping over things and I never have enough room. 

So Saturday I allowed myself 4 hours to de-Christmas, go through Christmas bins and purge and then empty this room! 
It's amazing what you can part with when you are in the mood! 
Then my hubby went to Home Depot and bough some 1x 6 boards. I wanted the look of ship lap but not the expense! He some measuring and staring putting them up! 
He even had a little helper! 
After they were all up he painted the boards white. The only things that stayed up in the room were my shelves for inventory and a gift wrap area on the back of the door. Everything else is lighting equipment and props! I love the outcome! Total cost was under $100 for this wall.
I have so much more room for shooting and propping now! It's amazing! 
And the gift wrap area is perfect and out of the way! 
It's just a shoe organizer that I cut the bottoms out f the fit the paper rolls! 
It feels like a real studio now! 
This guy was ready for his close up! 

There you have it! Very easy and inexpensive and it gives a much more professional look for my items! 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Instagram... it's where I have been

Wow! Its really 2016 and I have not blogged in months! I know I keep saying I will get better, and then life gets crazy and my poor blog is forgotten! In case you are wondering where I am these days, its over on Instagram! Personally its easier to post a quick little photo and blurb than it is to sit and blog.

But there is so much I can't do there that I can do here! Many time I have so much more I want to tell or show you and I can't do it all in that tiny little photo!

So, no promises here but I really want to be here much more often with fun and helpful posts! I really appreciate that so many of you have stayed with me!

If you are not on instagram, you should check it out! There are so many wonderful makers there and I have had so many wonderful customers come from IG!

If you do have a business on IG, let me tell you this course I took this summer from Melissa @compliment was amazing! She is offering it again on Monday Jan 11. I not only more than doubled my following with quality followers, I also grew my business! Its was my best year yet and this year so far is proving to be even better! There is still time to sign up too! Click here  for more info. But it was hands down the best investment I have made for my business!
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For now I am going to keep filling orders and get more of these guys ready for my next Gnome sale on Sunday! They go on sale at 3:00, all one of a kind adorable gnomes! Watch me on IG and ETSY for more information!

Thanks for sticking with me!