Sunday, August 30, 2009

It all started at a garage sale...

So my sister in law called me to tell me about these 2 adirondack chairs at a garage sale, so I went to check it out, and sure enough I just had to have them! They were asking $8 for each, i got them both for $12! Took them home and painted them red. Perfect, except they just needed some pillows. So I found this awesome fabric at Wal-mart of all places! And made a few pillows... And then I remebered this table I saw in the outdoor edition of JUNK BEAUTIFUL, and just had to turn my electrical spool into this awesome table! But i wasn't done there! I decided to also recover the bench on my porch, I hated how dirty the cream cover was getting (3 boys and a dog!) so I covered that and made a couple more pillows to pull it all together!


I painted the chairs with Rustoleum Colonial Red satin finish spray paint!!!!
I promise, I am done re-doing my porch, I could sit out here all day! Now time for a good book and a cup of coffee! Thanks Erin!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Time for Fall!

The air is cool, and the leaves have started turning, so even though it is still August, It feels like fall to me! So I decided to pull out all of my fall bins and decorate! Fall is my favorite season anyway, so I was excited to put out all my fun fall things!
I re-did a few wreathes, and bought some hearty mums for the porch!

Happy Fall Y'all!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Scrapbuilding-Snowman Hill Style!

Well as my good friend Krista would say, I've been busy scrapbuilding! I wanted to re-arrange my room and didn't have many options for my bed, and thought about putting it kitty-corner between the two windows. But then I quickly discovered that my end tables would not work and we use them every day. So I took a look around the garage to see what I had lurking out there just waiting to be made into something more useful and I spotted and old headboard. Instant corner shelf! My hubby did most of the cutting for me, I painted it and it works perfectly as a little table behind the bed that holds all of our necessities, chap stick, lamp, alarm clock, TV remote, books, etc!

I just love this little bench Mike picked up for me. It was forest green and stained an oak color. I painted it brown, but that wasn't enough, so then I tapped it off and added some auqa striped, still not enough, it looked unfinished. So then I remembered seeing a show on DIY where they added car pin striping to something and thought that would be perfect! $3.99 for 40 feet and I think it gives it a great finished look!

And here is my room, all done! Thanks to my 14 year old son for moving all the furnature, I have to be a director until my knee gets better! :) But I love it! fresh new look to my room! Now go check out Snowman Hill-I get so much of my inspiration from her! So many great ideas!!! My house would not be nearly as cute without her!! also stop by Cottage Instincts for her new linky party!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Junky Photo Frame

I just had to do something fun with these photos of my nephew Carter. I had found the bracket frames at the dump, if anyone knows what they may be from, I would love to know, I want more!!! I am thinking maybe a larger file cabinet???

Anyway, i printed the four photos onto cotton fabric and used some modge podge to adhere them to the wood. While they were wet, I laid the frames on each photo and let them dry.

Once they were dry, I used some cute Stampin Up brads to dress up the corners, the brads went right into the wood very easily with a hammer! Added a simple hook on the back and instant art! This will look so good in my sister in laws house!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Junking Sunday

So I finally felt I was up to getting a few projects done, some of the stuff I had just needed some new paint! On my porch I added this old electrical wire spool as a table next to my cozy little bench! And the red milk jug came from my friend Lisa, her mom had a ton that she used to paint and I am so excited to have this on my porch, I love it just the way it is!

I bought this old stool from a garage sale earlier this spring, it reminded me of one my grandmother had in her kitchen, and I just had to have it! $5 and a little spray paint and It is my new favorite kitchen accessory!

Here is a little old wooden chair that I thought would be a great photography accessory, and again just a little paint and it has a whole new look!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So I was looking at some blogs this morning and was totally inspired by what I saw on Funky junk Interiors! She re-did an area in her kitchen to make a little office space. I had a corner in my house that was completely non functional! So I fixed up a few things that I had picked up at an estate sale weeks ago, having no idea what I would use them for, until today! I also moved a few pieces from other places in my house to make this corner exactly what I needed, every piece of furniture is "junk" that I have re-purposed, most of it was free off the side of the road! Except the adorable corner shelf that I bought from my enormously talented friend at Snowman Hill! Now I have this great little space to work at to blog, edit photos, check facebook a million times, whatever! I love the new look! Thanks Funky Junk!

I painted the window with chalkboard paint and will use it for keeping track of school things in the fall for the kids!
I had to have this little chalk board easel! It is so cute and works great as a little side table if I need it. I added some satin to it and just cleaned it up a bit!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Everybody Loves Patricia Heaton! (Ray's wife!)

Day 3 for me at the Extreme Makeover site was another great one! Patricia Heaton was the special celebrity for this episode of the show. She had 3 of her 4 sons with, all very nice boys! Patricia was very nice as well.

I spent most of today helping out in Henry's room, we had a ton left to do! I sanded, painted and was asked by Paige to help decorate! It was such a neat expierience, one I will never forget! I was in the house for more shooting today, and it was fun to just watch all the designers just be "real people". Most of them are really funny! It was an exhuasting day, but everyone pulled together and finished the house on time!
There were 10-15,ooo spectators there to watch "Move that Bus", it took a while to get the family there, but once the did it was very cool to watch! The Family seemed to be very happy and gratful for all that was done for them! The show is scheduled to air on Sept. 27 on ABC. Watch for me! I was in a ton of shots, I hope to be in at least 1!!!

Welcome Home Huber family, welcome home!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Have you seen Ty Pennington?

Well day 2 for me was full of excitement once again thanks to my good friend Charlie! He was able to get me back into the production area! Today I was lucky enough to not only meet Ty, but I was also in several scenes with him!

Eduardo & I! He is very tall!

Paul, one of the coolest guys on the show!

I helped work on the mountain bed again for the little boys room, and kept busy with whatever they needed me to do! Here are some fun pictures that I wanted to share from today's adventure, tomorrow, the reveal! I can't wait for the family to see their new home!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Volunteer-Extreme Style!

Today I got the opportunity of a lifetime! I was able to work along side the design team of Extreme Makeover Home Edition! Ok so the designers really don't do all that much work, but they do pop in and out from time to time to check on your progress! They do pretend to work when filming a specific shots, but I really do think they are there for the "celebrity" part of the show, this is TV!

But just being there and being a part of this great show was amazing! I can not believe how many people are there to work together and get a project like this done! It is so much more than building a house! It is landscaping, sidewalks, gardens, a garage, & a driveway! I could not believe how quickly things were coming together!

This is a chair that the family wanted to save, and it was sanded down, and then Mike and I added a coat of polyurethane, it looked so nice when we were done!

Here is a peek at the house! 2200 sq. feet! It is very "green" and energy efficient they put up a huge windmill in the front yard!
Here we are while they are filming!!
I can't wait to go back tomorrow, Ty is working all day tomorrow! :)