Wednesday, January 2, 2013

DIY Charging Station

After Christmas I counted up all of our family gadgets! We have just a few. This kids were constantly stealing the charging cords so every time my husband and I went to plug in our phones, the cords had disappeared! I looked for something to hold everything and just could not find what I wanted. So I made one!
I found these great pieces from Micheals in the scrapbook room organization area. 
The top one is actually laying down. 

Take the drawer out, and the bottom (which will become the back) off. 
 You will need a 1" and 1 1/2" hole saw to make the holes for the cords.
 Drill all of your holes in both the top and bottom pieces. For the bottom drawer compartment, you will need to drill holes through the back of the drawer itself as well as the back of the entire unit. I drilled the holes in the drawer first and them marked the back piece so that they matched up perfectly!
You also need to add 1 1 1/2" hole in the bottom corner for the power cord to go through. Once the holes are drilled I simply screwed the back in place again.
The bottom drawer holds the power strip and all of the excess cord. We bought a new power strip that has USB ports built right into it! It also has a surge protector just in case!
Here is the back once it was all put together.
 And the front! It fit all the devices we had perfectly and the drawers work great for manuals, extra cords, etc!
 One thing I did notice was that when the devices came unplugged the cord may slip back, so I had these handy little holders I found on pinterest and bought a while back.

 The stick in place and hold the cords perfectly!

Now I still have my phone cord by my bed, and the kids always have a place to charge thier items!

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