Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Applique Tree Skirt & Stocking

Last year I started making recycled Christmas stockings and tree skirts out of old coffee bean bags. I  knew I was going to make more this year, but also wanted to make them a little different than last year's. Since I have been so into applique with old sweaters, that is what I decided to do with my tree skirts, stockings, and burlap accent pillows.
This is the stocking and skirt I made tonight with some new bags I picked up from my favorite coffee bean roasting company. I used my cricut to cut out the snowman, Ironed and sewed him on. Added some beads and buttons, and he is done!
The stocking pieces are from a real heavy wool sweater. I have been in the mood to be done with fall lately and just move right into Christmas, and apparently Mother nature is feeling the same way. It started snowing here today around 5 pm, and still has not stopped. We have a winter weather advisory through tomorrow, so you think I might get a snow day?? Ok, wishful thinking, but then I could stay home and sew all day!!! 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Save Big Monkey's at Menards!!!

So This last weekend I used my friends cricut expression machine, & I was finally convinced that I really did need the bigger one. There are so many things that you can do with it, and I started making a new pillow design and this machine was a huge time saver! So today I called around to see who had it on Sale. Wal Mart $299, Michaels $279, and Menards, yes I said Menards, had it on clearance for $199!!!!! Sold! It even came with a cutting mat and a cartridge!! What a deal!  Here is the pillow I started making, he isn't stuffed yet, this is just the front! 

Tonight I went to Ebay to find a tote, got this cute one for only $50! 

Happy Shopping! And as my little Zachary sings
"Save big MONKEY'S at Menards" 


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Birdie Inspiration

Last Night I was enjoying some kid free shopping at Shopko. I found my self wandering the Christmas aisles, and came across these adorable little birds. I was tempted to buy one, but then decided I was more tempted to MAKE one! 

So I came home and got to work, The original bird appeared to be needle felted, but it was clear that there was something inside to give it shape. So I decided to make a body and stuff it. Here are some of my pattern pieces. 
 I finished the body, which I made from quilt batting and then stuffed with fiber fill. I  then got started working on the hat. I used grey fleece and red yarn.

My Hubby Helped with the legs, he is brilliant I tell you! Drill & a Vice grip made these perfect little bird legs! 
after a few final touches, you know, the face. He is done!!

So what do you think?? 

Friday, October 15, 2010

Owl Love

So you could say that I am becoming an owl fanatic. But I have been having so much fun making them! 
I have been using all recyceld materials for my stuffed owls and applique pillows. It is so fun to find new sweaters to use I pick them up whereever I can. 

 They are just too fun!
This little guy is needle felted, and he can also be make into an ornament, or a pin. Its all up to you.

Many of these owls, and several more are all available on my ETSY store. Most are one of a kind becuase I am using recycled, so once the sweater is gone, it's gone!! I love that about them! 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More appliqued pillows-FALL

 Well I was at it again tonight. After the kids went to bed I started to make some more pillows. I Loved the christmas tree one, but thought it is a little early, so decided to make some fall ones! This one my SIL gets credit for, she gave me the idea to make a tree.
 I appliqued on the tree base and each leave, followed by some fun decorstive stitching. Once I finished the tree I realized that it was as big as the burlap I was attaching it to, so I added a strip of leftover wool sweater to all 4 sides to make it a bit larger.
 Here it is with another one of the sweater owls that I have made!
 Here is a simple pumpkin pillow, the body is made from an old wool scarf. I just used felt for the face.
And one more, this is the same technique I used last night on the tree pillow. Fun for fall!! 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Recycled sweater pillow how to

I have been busy sewing and getting ready for my holiday craft shows, and my craft room is currently full of sweater scraps! So tonight I decided to use some of them for a new project. I appliqued a pillow. Here is how I did it.
First draw your design on to the paper side of lite weight heat-n-bond. Then label each piece of your design so that when you cut it apart you know where they go!! 

 Once you cut out your design on the heat-n-bond, then you may begin cutting out your fabric pieces. I used the applique pressing sheet to fuse the entire piece together. Build your project following your numbered diagram and then peel the paper off the back and iron together. Once you are done ironing, let cool and peel off the sheet.
 You can then take your design and apply it to your fabric, iron again to fully adhere to the burlap. It may take a little extra ironing with the wool sweater pieces.
 Now you can sew it on! I used several different decorative stitches that are on my machine, but a straight or zig zag stitch would look fine too. Trim threads and now you can sew the 2 pillow pieces together, turn and stuff. Stitch the opening shut, and you are done!!

 Here it is with one of my matching owls, the wings are made from some of the same scraps!

Now available in my Etsy shop! Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Getting ready!!

 Now that it is officially October, I am in full swing for fall and winter craft shows!! Here are a few of the fun things I have started making. First, are my new owls, the pattern is my own design, and all the owls are made from recycled sweaters. They have fun big eyes, with little buttons sewn in the middle.

 Next are my Burlap and recycled sweater Christmas stockings!! These were big for me last year, so I am increasing my inventory!!!

 And last are fun fun little wool creatures that I have been needle felting! I am becoming addicted to this new craft!! So far I am just making owls, penguins, and snowman, maybe this winter I will get more adventurous and make some new animals!

Thanks for looking, a few of these items are available now on my Etsy shop!!!