Sunday, December 30, 2012

Make a Minky Infinity Scarf-a tutorial

Have you ever felt Minky?? It is quite possibly the softest fabric ever! Many people use it to make baby blankets. I decided to make something different with it, an infinity scarf! I bought 1/2 yard of each color which will make 2 scarves! 

 To start lay your fabric out and cut an 18" piece. This is really messy to work with so have a hand vacuum handy to clean up as you go! Minky comes 60" long. I leave it at that, it is the perfect length!
 Fold the strip in half lengthwise, right sides together.
 Pin along the open edge, I used several pins, the inside is lined with a silky fabric and it will move as you sew. I tried to pin every 3-4 inches.
 Now sew along the edge leaving about a 1/2" seam allowance. Thread color does not matter, you will not see it, minky is very forgiving!

 Now reach your hand in and turn the scarf inside out.

 You should now have a 9" wide tube!. I placed it flat on the counter and made sure that the seam was in the center.
 Now bring the two open ends together, tucking one inside the other. Pin the ends together & sew it!

That's it!! It will wrap around your neck 2 times and is so warm and cozy! Perfect for winter!
I also bought some skull and solid minky to make scarves for my boys! They love anything soft!

I simply cut one of each fabric 9" wide and sewed along both edges to make the tube. Turn inside out and finish the ends the same way! 

 The boys love them! They have had them on ever since I finished them!

Well there you go! Such a super easy project and it takes no more than 30 min to make!
Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

26 Random Acts of Kindness

After last Fridays tragic school shooting in Newtown I have been heartbroken for all of the families and for the community. I just can't understand how this can continue to happen. I could not imagine if this happened to my children. My boys are 17, 9 & 7. My husband and I decided that the younger 2 didn't need to know about this. There is no need to scare them or make them worry. Kids grow up way to fast and I want to just let them be kids and not worry.

I want my kids to be kind, and they are for the most part, but I wanted them to learn to do things for others just because. So on Monday I decided that one day this week we would do 26 random acts of kindness to honor the 26 victims. Now the kids don't know why or even that we did 26, they just know that we did things for others just because it is nice! I documented my day through instagram and now I want to share that with all of you!

First I made little notes to leave behind in hopes of getting people to pay it forward and continue on with this mission of kindness:

I started my day at Caribou coffee as I always do. I simply handed the cashier an extra $5 and the note and said please put the money towards the next persons drink and hand them this note. And the cashier smiled and did just that! 

I may have plugged some expired meters, I later found out that that is illegal which Is very strange to me! I had never heard of that before. OOPS! 

At work we have Keurig machines and KCups are $.50. So I went to the front desk and paid for 10 of my co workers, each of them got a little note! 

After work I went home and got my little guys! They held doors open everywhere we went, they counted 15 "Thank yous" and many "Merry Chirstmases". They loved it! 

We ate at Noodles & Co tonight and we paid for the person in line behind us. I think the cashier thought I was kidding. But she finally took my cash and my little note and passed it on to the next customer!

We had 2 random acts left to do and it was getting close to bed time. So we stopped at a gas station and I bought a coupon book of free car washes. We then went to a parking lot and looked for the dirtiest cars and taped the coupon and our note on the windows!
The boys wanted to stay until the people came out to their cars just to make sure they got the coupons!
It was a great day! The best part was watching my kids get excited to do good for others! I can't change what happened, I can not comfort the families who lost loved ones, but what I can do is teach my children to be kind and good.

Merry Christmas to you all! And please Pay it forward! Even just 1 thing will make someones day better!


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sew busy!

This year has been beyond what I ever imagined for my ETSY shop! I never thought I would be as busy as I am. If you are not familiar with ETSY it is a great site to buy handmade itmes. I have bought mant items for gifts from there and have been so happy! As for me, I have been busy making tree skirts! I have 2 that I want to share, they were both special orders from my customers. I don't know if I would have ever thought ot make them on my own so I am so glad that they asked because I LOVE how they have both turned out!
This one has a "string of lights" that wraps all the way around the skirt. I think it is so fun!
This next one is a nativity scene, which also turned out just great!

So sorry that I have not be posting much! I have some great projects I plan to do after Christmas and I can't wait to share them with you!! 
Thanks for sticking with me even though I have been MIA! 
Happy Holidays everyone!! 

Friday, November 23, 2012

I vow to drink more wine...

Tonight I finally did something with the corks I have been saving up!
They are made with corks, twigs, pins & various embellishments! 

Here is the entire gang. 

 They were really easy to make, I just drilled some holes, added hot glue and stuck them together!
I love how each one looks just a little different than the other! 

 This guy makes me laugh!

Look for them soon in my ETSY shop! 
Happy Holidays!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Free twig garland tutorial

I am totally inspired by this! Donna over at Funky Junk Interiors made this amazing twig wreath and shows you how, step by step in Folk Magazine

I think I may be going out to cut some twigs today! 
Nice work Donna! 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Personalize it!!

I caved last week and finally bought a Silhouette Cameo!! So far, it's a million times better than the cricut! I haven't done a ton with it yet, but what I have done has been remarkably better! So I am happy to now offer personalization on most of the items I make for my Etsy store.
Here are a couple of orders I filled this past weekend!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

I hope that you all had a great time trick or treating. Here are my 2 little zombies and my niece, the giraffe!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

It's begining to look alot like Christmas

No we don't have any snow yet, which I am very happy about! But I DID put up a Christmas tree today! I know, I know, it isn't even Halloween. But I had very good reason, I needed it to take photos of my latest tree skirts!
I have been shooting them out on the porch and then 2 people asked about my rugs. Soooo I decided the tree must go up! It is decorated with owls, white lights, wood beads and burlap strips. It is festive but not overly "Chirstmasy"

 This is my newest design, candy cane ruffle with snowmen and snowflakes!

 I love the little snowman!

 I also decided to make a different version of my burlap and ruffles. Wider ruffle and in deep red! Love!

It does make such a difference for my shop! Have you started your holiday shopping yet?