Tuesday, January 1, 2008

About Me

Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I hope you like what you see and will come back often!

I am very happily married to a very wonderful man, he is the most patient, handy, & handsome man ever! He understands my need for junking, and is truly interested in the things I like to do! We have a great time together no matter what we do! We also have 3 wonderful boys, ages 15, 6 & 5. They keep us very busy, they are all great kids and love to help mom with all of her projects!

I love to create! I can't say that I have 1 or even 2 specific hobbies, I like to do anything crafty, and am not afraid to try new things! I have a huge passion for decorating, and love to re-purpose
"junk" for my home! Lately I have been slightly obsessed with old doors and windows! They are all over my house!

I also like to scrapbook and make cards. And love to do all kinds of paper crafts!

Sewing has become another obsession lately! I have quite the collection of burlap bags from different coffee shops and I am constantly finding new things to make with them, be sure to check out my Etsy shop to see some of my items!

I am starting a photography business, and I truly enjoy taking pictures of almost anything! Nature, Kids, Weddings, yon name it! More info can be found on my Photography site!

And I also am a little in love with Keith Urban, hence the photo of me at the top! I have seen him in concert 7 times, met him twice, my girlfriends and i love to travel to see him play! He is amazing!

Well I think that is it! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!