Sunday, March 6, 2011

How to make an apple blossom tree

Spring is just around the corner, and today I was itching to get stuff out and freshen up my house! 
I pulled out all my spring stuff from last year, it was so full adding greens and yellows! 
 The birds and bunnies are back!!

 I decided to spring up my winter branches! It is really easy to do. I had a jar of painted branches that I mixed with dogwood.

I used a punch to punch flowers out of printed pink paper. Then used hot glue to attach them randomly all over the branches. I added buttons to the center and a few random silk flowers too. 

 That's is!! A faux little apple blossom tree!!

Are you ready for spring? even though I am, the weather out side is not, it is snowing today with talks of a huge storm on the way! Oh well, at least it is soring inside!!


zhing said...

that's super cute! :) im inspired to start on easter decoration!

have a lovely day!


ide-puffen said...

Hi, First time visiting your blog. You are so creativ. I love your cute bunnies :)
Have beautiful sunday.