Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Fun!

Are you ready for Halloween?? 
This year Zach wanted to be a vampire bat, so we had to make a costume. I found several tutorials on how to make  bat wings with an old umbrella, but I didn't have a black one. The next day a work, someone left a broken black umbrella next to the trash... so I put it to good use!!! 
We took it apart and cut it in half. I then sewed the umbrella to each sleeve of the black shirt! Perfect!!! 

No vampire bat is complete without fangs and blood!
Nicholas decided to be a Vampire, I better sleep with one eye open this weekend! 

We all carved pumpkins this week too, such a wide variety of fun pumpkin looks! 

Nicholas did Frankenstein

Zach did his own Sponge Bob with no pattern, he just wanted to copy the picture on the book. 

And if you have an IPHONE for added fun you can download Zombie booth, my boys love this app! 

Happy Halloween!!!!! 

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SueAnn said...

What fun you all had!! Love the costumes and the pumpkins are great!
He did a great job with SpongeBob!!