Saturday, December 17, 2011

I blame pinterest

I planned to do some holiday baking today. Nothing fancy, just a few different types of traditional holiday cookies, as I had several other things on my to do list for the weekend! That all changed when  I logged onto pinterest! So my morning of baking turned into running around trying to find the perfect cookies cutters and to get more baking supplies. Then I spent the next 8 hours in my kitchen. Also not planned, I was going to wrap, and sew and address cards today. None of that happened! So here is my first attempt at royal icing decorated cookie cut outs. 

Not too bad huh?? Now would I make them again?? NO they are so much work! and as I typed the word NO, I know deep down, I might make them again! 

I also made peanut butter blossoms, my hubby's favorite!

& 2 different types of fudge and snickerdoodles!

I have a love hate relationship with pinterest, have you discovered it yet??
If not you should!
Here is where I got my ispiration, great recipe and an even better tutorial!!! 

Next week I may try these for Christmas eve appetizers! 


jengd said...

This is precisely why I usually avoid Pinterest. :) That said, your cookies are gorgeous! Beautifully done!

SueAnn said...

Wow! The cookies are beautiful!
I can tell they were a lot of work. But definitely worth it!

Sue Pickwell said...

Lovely cookies, yes I agree so much work but so pretty. Hmmm I know what you mean about Pinterest, I get carried away then get nothing done ha ha bit like blogging really!
Merry Christmas, Sue

Angie said...

Wow, your cookies look amazing - nice job! I get so much inspiration from Pinterest, too, but I haven't actually put much of it to use yet... :)

Mariângela Maciel said...

Querida Amiga
Que o seu Natal seja cheio de Paz e alegria. Que Jesus nasça na sua família. Deus os abençoe!

Espero nos encontrarmos mais no próximo ano.



KAT said...

I love, love, love pinterest - I just wish it was not such a time sucker! But since I stay away from Facebook I think I can indulge! Love the cookies and they were for Christmas so no harm, no foul! Merry Christmas!