Thursday, January 3, 2013

DIY Ruffle Shower Curtain

Have you seen those all over ruffle shower curtains from Anthropologie?
They are beautiful! but come with a heafty price tag! $118 YIKES! 
We started a bathroom remodel recently and I loved this shower curtain, so I made my own!
It took a bit of hunting to find the 5 shades of grey (50 was too many) :) I ended up using a combination of cotton fabric and flat sheets! The curtain is 72" x 72". I cut 3-4 strips of each color approx 6" wide x 150" long, hemmed each one and then used my ruffler foot to ruffle all the rows! I started with the black at the bottom and then grey up to white!

Each row was pinned and sewn into place. The back is a white flat sheet that I cut and hemmed to make it the correct size! 
I first used a ruler and marking pen to draw on the lines so I knew where to place each ruffle. The top will have 12 grommets to hold it up as it is very heavy! This is all have to show you so far, but stay tuned for the finished bathroom, the before and afters are 

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