Sunday, March 3, 2013

Red Bedroom Accents

After having some warranty issues with our mattress, we decided to upgrade and get a king sized bed! I told my husband, that we would have to get all new bedding and that we might as well paint while we were at it. I loved the dark brown but was ready for something new! 
The color it is now is by Benjamin Moore and is called Smokey Taupe. I wanted to use as much of my original stuff as I could. So here goes! 

I stuck with brown and neutrals and decided to accent with red. I was able to keep everything I had wanted to, recovered a couple of pillows and only bought a couple of new pieces! 

 I made the curtains for burlap coffee bean bags (of course!) I added some trim from the fabric store to the inside edge and used remnants of my pillow fabric for the ties.

 New Addition: Clock from Hobby Lobby! We just had a hobby lobby open here, I think I could live there!

 I updated my window frames photo's the add more red accents.

And there you have it! New bedding, fresh paint and some fun pops of red! 
What do you like better the light room or the darker?


Patty Sumner said...

It looks great! Lots of work and lots of change...I always love red....anytime..anywhere! Love the pics over the bed...Blessings!

Melissa said...

Oh it is soooo pretty! Very Very calming, and the red accent is a great little snap of color! I LOVE it! Bet your pleased as punch!

ashley rachelle said...

looks like you put in a lot of hard work! it looks very lovely and bright!

L.A. said...

Such a big change from the cozy luxury to bright and airy! PS I need that clock in my life, but not red. Maybe like a burnished bronze?

Bekah Walsh said...

I LOVE all the light that the new color seems to let in!