Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dye job

So I can't wait to show off my latest dye job! 😂 No, not my hair, although the shiny ones are popping through again!
I was asked to create a sign that matched a wedding invitation! 
This is the very bottom of the invitation. 
So first I got to work on making the sign. 
Stained the wood and then painted antlers in place. 
Once everything was dry I distressed and sealed it. 
Now it's time for the fun stuff! 
Dye the burlap! Today I used Rit dye in petal pink and tangerine. 
I mixed in a small sink wash tub, but a sink or bucket would do the trick! 
I added 3 cap - fulls of the pink and 1 tangerine. I know, very technical. I cook this way too, sometimes it works, other times we have cereal. 
Next, add the white burlap to the dye bath and check every minute or so until it's your desired color. Once you have the color you want, ring it out  and hang to 
dry. I lucked out and had a nice sunny day so my burlap dried very fast! 
Once dry it was ready to make flowers! 
I cut 1" strips and twisted and glued until I had all the flowers I needed.
I used apple green for the leaves. Such a pretty color! 
Then simply glued them into place! 
Here is the finished sign! What a fun gift! I hope the love it as much as I loved making it! 
Now go buy some Rit dye! It's awesome! 

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