Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Shop info & updates

Hello! Are you still there?? Sorry that I have been MIA lately! Where does the time go? We are in the thick of summer and it's just flying by! I have been busy going on bike rides and out for ice cream!

With kids now out of school, filling orders in the shop and work that I have not had a chance to update in a while here! 
I have been thinking of how to manage it all and have decided that July is my month to get caught up, and also to get ahead and ready for fall and winter!! The shop will remain open, however I will be having surgery mid July and will not be working on orders from July 10-27. So please plan ahead if you are buying a gift!! It kills me to say no and not be able to get things out in time! I need some recovery time and it will be great to just lay around and spend time with my kids. At least it's summer and I can spend my time in the lounge chair sippin on some iced tea! Maybe I will even read this book and become inspired to make a quilt! Maybe....The thought of making a real quilt scares me a little!
I will not be taking and external orders via email or Instagram from now until August and spots will be limited through the fall and holiday season.
Coming up this week I have some signs ready for instant purchase! They are done and ready to ship!
Be sure to stop by my Etsy shop this Thursday at 6:00 pm cst for the best selection! I have a limited number available! 

That's all for now! Thanks for sticking with me!! I appreciate you! 


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