Tuesday, January 12, 2016

DIY ship lap wall photo back drop

So last week I had this idea. My hubby loves it when I text him things like "how big is the one wall in the yellow room" he responds with "what project am I doing now?!" 
You see we have this spare room, I'm am sure you all know what happens in a spare room. This happens:
This is where I take product photos. I am constantly tripping over things and I never have enough room. 

So Saturday I allowed myself 4 hours to de-Christmas, go through Christmas bins and purge and then empty this room! 
It's amazing what you can part with when you are in the mood! 
Then my hubby went to Home Depot and bough some 1x 6 boards. I wanted the look of ship lap but not the expense! He some measuring and staring putting them up! 
He even had a little helper! 
After they were all up he painted the boards white. The only things that stayed up in the room were my shelves for inventory and a gift wrap area on the back of the door. Everything else is lighting equipment and props! I love the outcome! Total cost was under $100 for this wall.
I have so much more room for shooting and propping now! It's amazing! 
And the gift wrap area is perfect and out of the way! 
It's just a shoe organizer that I cut the bottoms out f the fit the paper rolls! 
It feels like a real studio now! 
This guy was ready for his close up! 

There you have it! Very easy and inexpensive and it gives a much more professional look for my items! 

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