Thursday, January 22, 2009

Home Made Rub On's

I was here you go! I learned this trick a while ago on a message board, and I have used it a lot! It is very easy to do, you may have to play around to find a font that works well. I use one that is bold, and not really solid, it looks a little scratchy. It is also helpful to only do one line at a time, you may have to play around with this a few times before you put it directly on your page!

Type in word what you want to say, adjust your sizes & ink color accordingly, Make sure it looks exactly the way you would like it to on your page.

Select print, in the print preference menu select mirror image, this will reverse the image so it looks correct on your page! Unless you want your words backwards! :) Insert your transparency sheet. I use the protective sheet from my cricut adhesive mat! I do have to adjust my page size in the page set up menu so it will print correctly. It works great, otherwise any transparency will do, make sure you print on the smooth side, some have a rough side that is made for printing, but then your ink will dry to it! Go ahead and print your image!
Now this can be tricky! Very carefully place the ink side down on your page exactly where you want it, once its down, you can not move it, the ink will smear, so be sure to hold the transparency down firmly, and gently rub the image onto your page. Remove the transparency and wipe off the excess ink with a damp paper towel!
That is all there is to it! Here is my finished page, and the title didn't cost a thing! You also never have to worry about not having the right color, running out of letters, or it being the wrong size, you make it just what you need!!!

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Junk Girl said...

I love this! Thanks for sharing it! I am a scrapbooker, but this would be cool to do on so many things!