Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Play Room

My craft room, my perfect little escape! I love everything in here, and have worked hard to make it exactly what I wanted. It took some time to get it this way, but once I had spent some time in here I had a better idea of what I needed. I have plenty of storage, & tons of workspace.

This is the best way to store my large & medium Stampin Up whale tale punches. It is a Kitchen rail system from IKEA! The whole this only cost me $15, that is for the rails and the baskets!!

You'll often find me sitting here, at my laptop. I have my cricut hooked up, and I do a lot of my journaling on my computer and print it out. I make lots of "home made" rub ons with my computer and printer as well. The shelving is from Home depot, we had to add an extra wall mount a few weeks ago, apparently I had a little too much paper on the shelves! :)

This is my favorite "Junk Find"! I found this on the side of the road, behind ACE hardware. It was very old, beaten and needed a little TLC. I took the old top and back off, they were not salvageable! Bit the rest as good! I used a piece of bathroom wallboard for the top, so its nice and smooth! I added some shelves so I could use it as paper storage, put in some baskets added some trim to finish off the edges!

The metal piece above it is just some sheet metal and some edge trim for wall board. It is great to hang extra photos, or whatever I want to display! Just get some fun little magnets and your all set!!

My Island is my main work area, there are storage cabinets on the other side. I do most of my various projects here, it is aprox 4'3"x6'3". I kep my paper holder on the wall dorectly behind me, then i have most everything i need within my reach!

This was an old pantry from our kitchen, I painted it white and took 4 of the doors to have it easily accessible. It is great for keeping my 12 x 12 scrapbooks, magazines, and lots of misc items!


Sarah D said...

I love your craft room!

snowman hill said...

I love your craft room, but you know that already!! Thanks for sharing the pictures with the blogging world, everyone will love them! Krista

Ki said...

Great job on your craft room. It is so much easier to be creative when you are organized. The salvaged unit proves some of the best things in life are free or at least don't cost an arm and a leg!

bec4 said...

I just found you from Snowman Hill and I am glad I did. You have some great things here. I sold SU! for several years. You might be able to see me still in a training video. It is fun, but now I am into junking. You can check out my blog. Have a good day!

Shannon said...

Home made rub ons??? Tell me more!

Rose said...

Wow! Your craft room looks so awesome and organized! I am jealous...makes me want to make mine neater! :)