Monday, April 6, 2009

My 3 Sons

I thought I would share some pictures that I took of our boys last week. The three of them keep us very busy!!

This is Zachary, turned 4 in February. He is the baby, and has his daddy wrapped very tightly around his finger. He loves his pre-school, he goes 2 days a week & is already asking when he gets to start kindergarten! He loves to eat peanut butter and pancakes, not together though. He is also my little coffee addict, thats right, coffee! He loves it! Caribou is his favorite!

Nicholas is 5 1/2, he will be 6 in August. He loves school, and his teacher says that he is one of the best little boys in her class. He always wants to help out and does whatever is asked of him. She is amazed at how well he can already write his last name! His favorite thing to do is to stay home in his jammies and play video games, either on the computer or the Wii! He would play all day if we would let him, yesterday he was so excited because he finally defeated grevis....OK then!!

This is Austin the oldest, 14!!! He starts high school in the did I get that old already? He is a very good big brother, he watches his brothers and they love when they get to stay home with Austin! He likes to build models and play football. He does very well in school, just got a 3.0! He has a lot of good friends, they are all really good kids, and not too many girls calling the house, yet! I am afraid of next year!

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