Monday, October 19, 2009

Proof & a GIVEAWAY

So over the weekend I was in my scraproom trying to get a few pages done and I suddenly found myself re-organizing AGAIN. I am just not happy with my sticker & rub on storage. Before I knew it i was cleaning, and purging and completely going though every nook and cranny in my room, and while right now it is an absolute disaster...

Soon, it will be done and better than ever! I decided to move my finished scrapbooks out of my room, they were up high on a shelf and no one ever looked at them, so tonight I moved them and this is all the proof I need that that was the best thing I could have done!

Nicholas and Zach are having so much fun looking at their books from when they were babies. I hope now that my books are down and in the family room they will get looked at all the time, what is the point of doing all that work if they sit up on a shelf never getting looked at!
So that was the proof, now it is time for the GIVEAWAY! This will be my first! So while I have been busy purging, I have been trying to decide what to do with all the stuff I need to get rid of, so I thought I would do this! I am going to send one lucky winner a goodie bag full of scraping supplies! I have some stuff that has never even been opened that no longer fits my style/needs. So it is your lucky day!

First: you must be a follower, so if you are not make sure to start! You never know what I might do next!
Second: just leave a comment about your favorite way to store your scrapping supplies especially rub ons & stickers!
Third: leave a link to my blog on your blog (if you have one) mentioning my giveaway and my quest for storage solutions!

Good luck!! You have 1 week, I will draw 1 lucky winner next Monday!

Happy Crafting!


snowman hill said... weren't kidding! Looks like your really cleaning out! Go Girl! I store all my stickers in drawers, nothing to special...I think I'll get creative on that.

LisaH said...

I love to keep mine all packed up from the last retreat! :) Just kidding, I keep mine in my sticker binder.

Dassupdate said...

what a project! I keep mine on the sticker holder I made. Not in love with it but it works!

Jen said...

Jealous isn't even the word that I have for your craft room. Oh my, I would love love love to have a craft room like yours. I just found your blog recently and now am a follower. I don't have a good way to store supplies. All of my supplies are in a cardboard box that I have to dig everything out of every time I scrapbook.