Monday, April 12, 2010

Under the knife-again

So did you know that 20% of all knee surgery's don't work? I dind't know that either, and unfortunatly I am in that 20%. Saturday I went to Micheal's, I was picking up some terra cotta pots for my latest fun project and as I stood up with pots in habd I began to loose my balance a bit and as I kept from falling I must have twisted my knee just enough, the next thing I heard was a "pop" and then came the pain.

Thinking I could "walk it off" I went to the front of the store to get a cart so I could still get my pots, pain still there. Drove to Home depot, needed paint, pain still there. So I spent the rest of my weekend getting reaquainted with my recliner, bottle of advil, & my trusty friend, the Ice pack. 
My knee is the still the size of a grapefruit and I am on Dr's orders to stay off of it until Thursday when he can go back in and fix it...again! Lets hope this one works this time.  I guess now I can get caught up on my reading!

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