Sunday, July 18, 2010

It only took about 13 years

I started re finishing this table about 13 years ago.
It was my grandmothers, and had about 17 coats of paint on it.
I sanded it down, repainted the legs, stained, and decided to paint a floral design on the top.
I never finished the flowers and it has sat in my shed, unfinished until today. 

I pulled out the paint pens and finished it up. Then I sanded it down to give it a vintage looked, repainted the legs, 13 years ago I was into forest the legs are black, glazed and sealed. Now it is in my house and makes the perfect little work spot for my compter. 

I needed more room than the old sewing table I once had here. 

Stacked some old crates, Funky Junk Stlye for my books and I was done! 

My new fun little work space. 

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