Saturday, July 24, 2010

Candlelight Beige & Antique Glaze

My kitchen is very large, with lots of cabinets and plenty of counter space. I did a post about it a while back when we added an old entertainment center in the dining room it looks just like it was built for the space. You can see that post here. The kitchen/dining room area only needed one other thing. PAINT, not on the walls, but the cabinets. So I decided last week, thanks to miss funky junk herself that now was the time, Gitter done!!! 
So we dismantled all the doors, and emptied all of the cupboards, what a chore that was! 

All the hardware was removed too, and I decided to paint that as well. I used Krylon's old rubbed bronze spray paint. 

29 doors, 14 drawers, so that means 118 screw heads, 58 hinges and 43 handles all needed to be spray painted! I used foam board to stick the screws in so they stood upright. I put 3 coats on, just to be safe. 
I painted all the cabinets candlelight beige, and then applied a layer of glaze over the top. 
Our kitchen looks like we added about 20 lights, I can not believe the difference it made! 

I also decided that all my little wood accent pieces needed a makeover as well, so I painted my bread box, knife block, & paper towel holder red. 

Now if only I had a red kitchen aid mixer....

Now if you didn't read the dining room post, here is what the cabinet looked like before:
I applied the same paint and glaze to this piece as well
Yesterday was the grand opening of my good friend Krista's new shop, Snowman Hill, be sure to check her out, AMAZING stuff! And I picked up a few things that look perfect in my newly painted kitchen.

She really has some of the best stuff around, so if you live near Duluth, stop by to see her, you will not be disappointed! 
Above my island is an old window hung by chains, that is a fun little display that I like to change out with each season. 
And finally the jars that I made, inspired by Miss Mustard Seed, we keep cereal in them for the kids, they love to write on the outsides of the jars each time we put a new kind in there! 
Thanks for looking at my kitchen, now be sure to stop by Donna's at Funky Junk Interiors, and the next Gitter Done post is August 4th, you still have time!!!! 

Addendum to this post. after seeing my kitchen I had a few suggestions to paint the chairs red too. 

My little helper was busy taking them apart for me. 

MUCH better!!! Now I am done, really I am! :)

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