Saturday, April 2, 2011

Burlap Inspiration

I find inspiration everywhere! I had taken this picture of this lampshade cover at a shop in Minneapolis a few months back just waiting for the moment to strike, and today it did! Now I don't have any lamps that this would work with, so I pulled out an old window instead!  
Here is how I made it! 

Plain old solid pane window. Cut burlap to fit the glass, iron. 
Then I got several scraps of fabric, ribbon, zippers, buttons & trims and started pinning my flowers on the burlap. 

I made the stems and leaves and pinned them down as well. 
Now sew everything on! I used a variety of stitches to give it a different look. 

Once you have everything sewn in place, a few of the flowers were too bulky to sew, just use hot glue instead. Now its time to put it all together! 
I used super 77 adhesive spray to attach the burlap to the glass pane. Now I know the burlap doesn't cover all of the glass, so I took some long scraps and used my ruffler foot to make 4 ruffles for the edges. 

That's it! 

What a fun spring project! Now I need to figure out where to hang it, I think it will go best in my bedroom.... I just need to find some wall space! 

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