Saturday, April 23, 2011

A fun reason to re-do your closet!

So one of the best perks at my new job is a little something called sample sale. Twice a year we get to shop all the samples of clothing that we have received. Well last week was my first sample sale, and let me tell you, it was AMAZING!  20 minutes to shop, people who take your items to the checkout as your arms fill up, and it was so organized and well put together. In my 1st 20 minutes I was able to fill 9 large shopping bags! We were also able to go back after work hours and at lunch! 
So after I hauled my 14 bags of clothing home I realized I had no where to put it all. 
I do have a nice size closet, but the hubs and I share it, and my side was already pretty full. That's what happens when you work in retail! :)
So I decided to clean out the work/junk room. 
YIKES! Amazingly I found a space for everything! 
Time to paint.
This room is 5 x 9. We went to Home Depot and bought a bunch of shelves, and then I filled it up!

I love this wall cling that I bought, it fit perfectly over my little dresser. 

I even still have some space left. I love that I can have all my cloths out for all seasons, especially in Northern MN. You never know when we may need to pull out the sweaters! 
Now there is just one more item that I need for this room, other than a mirror, 
how did I forget to buy that??? 

But this is what I really want.
I just may need to order it! 


sherilloyd said...

How fun. that would be my dream come true to go to a sample sale!! Where is the picture of the chandelier from?

Missy Luukkonen said...

Thanks! The chandelier is from Home depot, but they dont have it in stores, and I dont want to pay shipping!

slommler said...

Great closet re-do! Love the wall cling too!!
The chandelier is perfect!! Order it!! Ha!

Joy B. said...

That is an amazing transformation! I wish I had a space like that to transform. I've always wanted a walk in closet :-)

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