Monday, November 28, 2011

Mitten Applique Tree Skirt & A Pillow!

Still sewing away!! Yesterday I decided to make some applique tree skirts! This was my first one.
I found the mitten pattern for free on a website that had it in SVG format so I could use it with my sure cuts a lot and my cricut. I cut out 6 pair of mittens with heat n bond and then applied it to different pieces of recycled wool sweaters. 

I ironed each pair in place and then glued on the yarn that connects each pair. It was really fun to make, but a lot more work than the others I have been working on! 

This one has a double muslin ruffle and is 54" in diameter! 

Here is a mitten pillow cover I made the night before! It makes it easier to cut up cute sweaters when this is the outcome!! 

UPDATE May 2013:
If you are interested in this tree skirt it is available in my ETSY shop! I make them to order so the mittens will not be exact. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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