Monday, September 2, 2013

New Craft Room!!

I think I have wanted to make my craft room bigger since the day we built our house! Well that was 7 years ago now and I was finally able to make it happen! The room next to my craft room really no longer had a purpose. Its been storage, a play room, a photo room, a junk room so it was time to make it more useful! With a little bit of help from my hubby we were able to make it happen!

This is my before, now I know that I already had a pretty nice space, however with my growing ETSY business I needed more room! There was even more stuff packed into this room since this photo was taken! I was feeling like the burlap was taking over! 

Here are the 2 rooms before! 

The wall has been cut!

Time to remove the carpet from both rooms! Now that's a job!

But the new floor is so worth it! My vacuum will be so happy! 

Are you ready to see the finished room?

Here it is!! It looks the same from this angle, but keep looking, so much has changed!

I made a custom ironing board. Its 2' x 4'! The cover is removable so I can easily wash it.

Had to pick some flowers from the garden!

Here is the other 1/2! I can't believe the difference!

I also re-covered this chair and I made the ottoman with plans from It was super easy!

My kids painting supplies!

I now have a closet to keep burlap and all of my sweaters in, each bin is a different color of sweaters! 

This is a great little corner to sit and relax! 

Thanks for stopping by and looking at my room! I can't wait to sew in here!


Julie Phillips, aka Julieloveslucy SCS said...

It's beautiful! You are a lucky lady.


Sue said...

Great job, it looks lovely! I need to revamp my room, way too much stuff in it!