Sunday, October 20, 2013

I love custom orders!

Sorry I have been gone for so long! I made some burlap pumpkins this year and well, they took me by surprise and have been selling like crazy! So thank you to all of my wonderful customers who have been keeping me so busy! Its been so much fun!

The thing I love most about having a shop on ETSY is the special orders I get from customers! I work with the nicest people! These special orders often inspire me to make new things or just gives me a better idea for what I was already doing! I thought I would share some of my most recent special orders!

This customer has a child with a Halloween birthday, so she asked for a banner with Happy BOOday! I just love this!! It will be so great at her party! 
Another recent request was for a tree skirt! I had made the snowman one, but never thought to add moose! Perfect for that log cabin or a cozy woodsy feeling home!
I have so much fun making these special orders! So if you are looking for something specific, I am your girl! 
I can not believe its already time for tree skirts and stockings! I made a new design today with the help of my little buddy!
I love that yesterday he was outside bow hunting and today he learned how to make ruffles! We made a lot of them! I made this ombre red ruffle skirt, thinking about making one in greys and one in blues. I struggled taking the pics of this one, the two reds at the top are quite different, but no matter what I did, they look very similar in the picture. 
With tree skirt making in full swing, it wont be long before I need to put up one of the trees, an artificial one of course! But I need it for my pictures! I will try to blog more, I'm going to shoot for once a week! So I will see you all soon! Thank you for stopping by!!

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