Monday, March 17, 2014

Decorate with Old Windows

I love to decorate with old windows! This weekend I spent some time cleaning and decided to pull this one out of the garage. I finally had the perfect spot!

 It works perfectly about my fireplace! Now my spring and Easter decor is all set! Too bad we are supposed to get per a foot of snow tomorrow. This has been the longest winter ever!

But if I get a SEW day out of it, it will be worth it! Then I can make more of these cuties!

I made a new owl yesterday using 2 recycled sweaters. One for the body and another for the wings. This is the softest owl ever!

I just may have to make a few more if we get to stay home tomorrow! 
Wishful Thinking! It's a good thing I love my job! 
Happy Monday!


Nicole ~ said...

I just love your owl pillow, that such a great idea! I wish I would have kept some of my old sweaters now.


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, I love the egg wreath! : )

Annie said...

Love your cuddly own! So cute!