Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The big day is almost here!

I'm I know it's not even Halloween yet but I am ramping up for a busy Christmas season! I have been updating my Chirstmas pillows and Stocking assortment for this season! I wish I had more time just to design! I love coming up with new pieces! 
So far these guys are my favorite!! I had this idea last year and time just got away from me. 
My goal was to offer more variety this year!
So I created 4 basic designs and then applied different colors and patterns!

I am really excited to show you this last photo! I found out this summer that my natural stocking assortment was going to be featured in a very popular magazine!  With over 92,000 copies in print each issue and so much more than food! It's the magazine "Simply Gluten Free"
The holiday issue comes out next week and I can't wait to see it! 
Look for these stockings!! It's my first official magazine feature so I am pretty excited! So please pick up a copy Nov.1! 
Now it's time to get back in the studio! The burlap is calling my name! 


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