Friday, May 15, 2009

Hugging Keith Urban, Once again!!

Yup!!! Here I am in St. Paul, MN. Our 6th time seeing him in concert! Keith Urban is by far the best in concert I have ever seen! but May 14 was a night like no other, at least for me & the Lisa's anyway! Keith had left the main stage to sing a couple of songs in the back. We knew he would com out into the crowd, he always does, but it is usually just once. Not tonight! He left the stage and went to the back via the right side of the arena, so I had a feeling he would go back to the stage on the left, which is where we were! I had been "chatting" with the Excel employee "guarding" the set of stairs we were next to that led to the floor. I told him that I wanted to get on the floor when Keith came by, and he left me just enough room to squeeze by! I was on the floor and ready! Pretty soon, there he was and no one was blocking my way! I took my chance and grabbed him, gave him a huge hug, a kiss on the cheek, and asked if we could get a picture, so he turned towards my friends & let them take a picture!!!! Wow!

Yes I now realize after seeing this photo that I had a serious death grip on him! He eventually had to go back to the stage, so I did let go! He was on stage and sang a few more songs and then it was time for his usual crowd pleasing "you look good in my shirt", this is the song that he always sings from somewhere in the crowd, and sure enough he came right down our side again! Lisa gave it her best shot, but the crowd was so out of control, I could not get a photo when she was next to him! He could not even get to his "secret" location, So he turned and went back to the stage. A few more songs had gone by and then it happened....One of his security guards came up to me and tapped me on the shoulder and said "come with me", I looked at him, then back at the girls in complete dis-belief, I looked back at him and he said, "come on, all of you, stay calm"

And he escorted us right to the front of the stage! We were right on his ramp leading down to the floor, no fence, no barricade, nothing between us and Keith!!!! The guard then said "have a nice night ladies" and he walked away! We got to spend the rest of the night watching right in the front! it was unbelievable, amazing, simply the best concert experience that I have ever had!

We are usually the ones watching these things happen to other people, we are not the ones it happens to, until now! I still can't even believe that it happened!

Thanks girls! It was another great Urban adventure!!!!!!

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