Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tag, I am it! You might be too!

I was recently tagged by a very cool fellow blogger-Junk Girl, check out her site, she has some great junk!!! So I have to write 6 things about myself and then pick 6 (I could pick so many!) other bloggers to tag. if I picked you, you have to pick 6 yourself and list 6 things about yourself!! Fun! Here goes:

1) I am married to my wonderful husband Mike, we have been married almost 8 years, together 11. Wow, times sure flies when you are having fun, and that we are, he is the love of my life and I couldn't imagine my life without him! He is very good to me and our boys, he cooks, cleans, and so much more! Can I just write about him?? :)

2) We have 3 wonderful boys! Austin 14, Nicholas 5 3/4, & Zach 4. They are all very good kids and we have so much fun watching them grow and become little people! They each have their own personalities, and are so much fun to be around every day!

3) My latest, most expensive obsession is Photography. I have become quite serious about it over the last year, and am hoping someday to be good enough to turn it into a "weekend" job. I love to create in so many ways, photos, scrapbooking, card making, paper crafts, junking, you name it! I love having something to do all the time!

4) I am a stampin up demonstrator, I mostly do monthly clubs to keep my business going. I love their products and think they are a great company!

5) I am a TV junky! Love TV watch it all the time, have many shows that are my "must see TV", I could not live without my DVR, and I can convince anyone that they need one as well!

6) I love music! Mostly rock and Country, but especially KEITH URBAN!!! He is a little of both! If you have never seen him in concert, you are missing out! I have currently seen him 6 times, #7 happens on June 27!!!! I would call him another one of my obesssions! Scroll down a few postes to see my latest Keith encounter!

ok now for my 6 fav's:

Krista @ She got me addicted to junking and inspires me everyday!
Erin @ She is one of the most creative people I know!
Kate @ She is an amazing photographer!
Liz @ She is one amazing scrapper! and the first blog I ever looked and and still follow to this day!
Maggie @ She is also an amazing photographer, and I am taking her class right now!
Ki @ She has got some great Junk! I also LOVE her book!


snowman hill said...

Hey you- I knew you'd have that lens by the weekend! I checked out your photos.....ah...amazing! You need to spread your wings with this passion and promote yourself! I just want an SLR! Are you racing tonight?

Junk Girl said...

Thanks for joining in the fun and listing your "6" things! I also love Keith Urban, and his wife Nicole Kidman. She's WAAAY better off with him than that darn Tom Cruise...!! LOL!!

Happy blogging,
Andrea (Junk Girl)

Ki said...

Thanks for the tag... Life has gotten a little crazy for me these days, so it could take me a little bit to pull it together. Love your photos! Enjoy the wonderful weather!