Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dining room facelift

I get my inspiration for things at the strangest times. I was laying down after dinner the other night, hoping for a 10 minute snooze and was staring at our entertainment center. It is a very nice entertainment center, but ever since we had to get a new TV, it just didn't work. It looked too big, and it was made for one of those older big screens that sit right on the floor, so the new flat screen just wasn't working, for me anyway!

That was when I was suddenly no longer tired and got up to grab that tape measure. My husband reluctantly asked what I was doing, because he knew it would for sure involve him, I can not really do much yet, so he and our son get to do all the hard work!
This was the dining room before my big brain storm. It was fine, nothing fancy. Cute enough, right?? Well  picture that entertainment center on each side of the windows...
You now get this! But wait, I had more up my sleeve that includes fabric, you see I hate the windows, they are just ugly! You could see that if it were not for all the back lighting!I drew out my design and went to Wal-mart, they do have some really nice fabric. I had bought some last summer when I re-did my front porch, I knew I wanted to bring the same prints inside.  Lucky for me, they still had it in stock.

Sorry about the backlighting, but I can't complain about the warm sunshine, and I was too excited to wait to take pictures! I may take some this evening to see if I can get a better shot, this does not do my curtains justice! I bought the ivory sheers, only $4 for each panel, I only needed 2. Then I made the panels and the valance, they turned out exactly like I had pictured! I made a table runner to match, and then I re-covered my kitchen chairs. 

Before Tan, plain, very simple. After is below, just enough color and print!
I love how the whole room looks like it goes together, there is even room for one of my little tweety birds!
I think now our dining room looks much more put together, the cabinet also has lights in the top. I can't even believe what a difference this made! I love the new look, and all I had to buy was fabric! Now keep in mine, we just took the entertainment center out of our living room, so what happened to that room? Stay tuned, there is more to come! Happy Saturday! 
Here are the better photos! 


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