Monday, November 8, 2010

Owl Tree

 I know that  most of you know that I have become a little obsessed with Owls lately. I have been seeing them all over the place, and now many as Christmas ornaments, but I have not bought any until this weekend! I was visiting Snowman Hill's sale over the weekend, and amongst many, many other adorable things there, they had an old crock in the corner with broken tree trunks and branches, it was covered with white lights and some ornaments, simple, beautiful, and oh sooo inspiring! I immediatley knew what I was going to do! 
 So I went hiking in the woods with my boys, brave move on opening hunting weekend, I know. No worries, there is no hunting here, too many houses! We looked for the prefect fallen trees, I wanted birch, and found a few, but decided to mix them in with some others so we had a nice full bucket.
 I then added white lights, Brown ornaments and brown glittered pine cones, and sparkle snowflakes.
 Then I began to add all of my Owls. I have about 6 ornaments, and 2 that are just propped in the branches. This tree is here to stay all winter long. Most of my Owls are snow Owls, but I will add any cute ones that I can find!!

So if you see an adorable Owl ornament, feel free to send him my way!! :) He would have lots of friends! 

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