Monday, October 28, 2013

Handmade Haolloween-DIY Purple Minion

I love that my kids love to dress up for Halloween. I like fun, original & unique costumes so I am all about creating our own!
This year we have one Purple Minion and the other doesn't have a name, you'll just have to see the picture.

So first our little purple minion, from Despicable me 2. I just love those movies!

He loves his costume! 
Here is how I made it:
You will need
1 round tall laundry hamper
1 1/2 yards purple fleece
black fabric 1 yard is plenty
white foam core for teeth
something round ( we used a large tape case from frog tape and cut out the center)
silver spray paint Rustoleum 2 x coverage Metallic
purple fur 
large plastic bowl that fits on the top of basket

A purple shirt
Black gloves
black pants

Cut the holes in the basket for arms first, then eye, then mouth.
Attach the bowl to the bottom of the basket to make the top round. (this is the head) I used duct tape. 
Cover the basket with batting, I used hot glue, it worked great!
Cover the basket again with purple fleece. Leave 2-4 inches at the bottom and glue to the inside, leave enough at the top to cover the head. 

Now you'll need to cut an X in each of the opening, cut just to the edge of the plastic and fold in, glue in place. This gives all the openings a nice soft cover, the plastic is kind of sharp once cut. 

Next make the goggle. 
I cut the bottom of the frog tape case off. Added glue dots along the outside edge, just for looks and spray paint the entire thing metallic silver. I used rustoleum 2 x coverage. 
I them attached the mask to a strip of fabric, 3" wide x 47" long ( whatever the diameter of your basket + 4 inches to attach to the goggle)
Glue all the way around the body and finish by gluing the end to the inside of the goggle. 

The Mouth: Add a piece of black fabric to the inside of the mouth. I cut jagged little teeth from foam core and glued in place. 
The Overalls: I made 2 straps 2" wide and long enough to go over the shoulders and down the back of the body. I sewed with white thread for a nice contrast and used a twin needle to make them look "real". I then cut the front bib, sewed the edges and added a pocket. You dont need them to be perfect! These little minions are a crazy little mess! 

I had some metal buckles from a tote bag that I used on the straps and then sewed the straps on the bib using buttons. The glue the bib to the front of the body. Slowing glue the strap on following it up and over the shoulder and down the back, cris crossing in the center. 
I let the bib hang down below the bottom, he will wear black pants with it and it looks just like overalls! 
That hair!! Well I could not find purple fur, but what I did find was this furry monster gift bag at Target! I simply cut off the strings & eyes and removed the inside paper lining. Glue the bottom edges together and glue to the top of the head. 
THAT'S IT! You now have a purple minion! 

I hope this is easy to follow! I should have taken more step by step photos. 

Now my other son, I have no name, we got this idea from a friend who saw it on pinterest.

This is so creepy, it completely freaks me out when he walks! 
Here's a video!

My boys are just loving thier costumes this year! And ya know, so am I! 
Have a wonderful halloween, I hope you all get some great treats!

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