Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Memo center tutoral!

Holy cow! My second post in 3 days!! As I was packing up orders Sunday sitting on the floor in a mess of labels, tape boxes and tissue paper I decided that I needed to make a shipping area in my room! I had the space for it, I just need to organize a bit more! In my process I decided to make a memo center. I always have my orders laying around in a pile. So I gathered my thoughts, got some wood and went to work!
I started with a plain piece of scrap wood from the garage, 25" long. I painted it and let dry.
 I then added some label holders that I had and hooks for my clipboard. I pre drill the hole 7" in on each end, then they easily screw in. Just make sure to make the hole slightly smaller than the screw so it doesn't slip out!

 Next I added cork, just for small items like receipts, coupons, memos etc! I bought cork tiles, cut them to the right side and glued them in place. I also added some cute decorative tacks that I found at Target!
Last I placed 2 eyelets in the top, one on each end about 1" in and used twine to hang it up! 
Now its time to hang it up! I had the perfect place right below a framed picture my youngest drew for me for mothers day!

I also moved some things in my cabinet to store boxes and hung a heavy duty curtain rod to store my tissue paper on, its great buying in bulk, as long as you have a place to keep it! :) 
 Everything I need to ship packages is now at my finger tips! My back will be so happy!
I covered this cute little clipboard too, its my weekly list. I always write this out on paper, that gets buried in burlap. 

Its so great when a plan comes together and my total cost, $5.00. I used almost all stuff I already had on hand! 
Now-back to filling orders! 
Thanks for stopping by!

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