Monday, December 29, 2014

New for 2015

I have been wanting to update EVERYTHING for some time now! The blog, etsy, pinterest, etc. Well I decided today was the day. This was not my first choice, however since I am on day 3 of being sick I decided I had to do something while laying on the couch. I have no ambition for anything else! Coffee doesn't even taste good, thats always a sign that something is not right!
We are also literally right in the middle of my sons new bed room re-model and I am hoping that tomorrow is the day that gets done! My house is in shambles!

So back to the re design! I knew I wanted fresh, clean and simple. I looked into having a blog designer do it but I really didn't want to spend that kind of money, bedroom re model took a big chunk!
So I put my google search engine to work and taught myself how to do everything I needed!

My Header was created in PSE using some digital papers. I cleaned things up & removed what was no longer relevant then added the things I knew I needed to have (long ago)! Who knew it was that easy to add a hovering PIN IT button! Google it! Step by step instructions!

The one blog I have to give  huge shout out to is Greatfun4kids she has not only a tutorial on installing social media icons, she also has a variety of free icons you can use and seriously the easiest install instructions out there!

Soon I hope to feel better and start working on my new home line for 2015 and some great new valentine projects!! I can't wait to share them with you! For now I leave you with some images that are inspiring me here on my couch!

I am not sure if pinterest is good or bad for when you are sick. Good because I get great new ideas. Bad because I am too miserable to do any of it! Here's to a better tomorrow!

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