Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Industrial boys bedroom

Nicholas room was in a need of a redo pretty badly in my option. He didn't seem to care! That's an 11 yr old boy for ya! He's not into sports or any characters so I found some things we boy liked on Pinterest and went from there. My only requirement was the brick wall my husband and I hand painted years ago had to stay! 
We picked out paint, bedding and lots of great room decor from Hobby Lobby! They really have some amazing pieces! 
He wanted blue and gray on the other walls. His bedding is from Target. He liked the blue and red and I was able to use the extra pieces to make some pillows and a cushion. 
Next was the industrial shelving! We saw some great examples on Pinterest, so my hubby designed this set. We went to Home Depot and bought all the pipe! 
I love how it turned out. I stained all the wood while hubby put the shelving together. I used Minwax gel stain in hickory. I also sanded down his bed and dresser and re finished them so all the wood matches. 
My little helper was hard at work with the palm sander! 
Here's the room all together!! It was so fun to do and now that's it's done, Nicholas loves it! 

I wonder how long he'll keep it clean! 

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