Saturday, August 8, 2009

Volunteer-Extreme Style!

Today I got the opportunity of a lifetime! I was able to work along side the design team of Extreme Makeover Home Edition! Ok so the designers really don't do all that much work, but they do pop in and out from time to time to check on your progress! They do pretend to work when filming a specific shots, but I really do think they are there for the "celebrity" part of the show, this is TV!

But just being there and being a part of this great show was amazing! I can not believe how many people are there to work together and get a project like this done! It is so much more than building a house! It is landscaping, sidewalks, gardens, a garage, & a driveway! I could not believe how quickly things were coming together!

This is a chair that the family wanted to save, and it was sanded down, and then Mike and I added a coat of polyurethane, it looked so nice when we were done!

Here is a peek at the house! 2200 sq. feet! It is very "green" and energy efficient they put up a huge windmill in the front yard!
Here we are while they are filming!!
I can't wait to go back tomorrow, Ty is working all day tomorrow! :)