Sunday, August 30, 2009

It all started at a garage sale...

So my sister in law called me to tell me about these 2 adirondack chairs at a garage sale, so I went to check it out, and sure enough I just had to have them! They were asking $8 for each, i got them both for $12! Took them home and painted them red. Perfect, except they just needed some pillows. So I found this awesome fabric at Wal-mart of all places! And made a few pillows... And then I remebered this table I saw in the outdoor edition of JUNK BEAUTIFUL, and just had to turn my electrical spool into this awesome table! But i wasn't done there! I decided to also recover the bench on my porch, I hated how dirty the cream cover was getting (3 boys and a dog!) so I covered that and made a couple more pillows to pull it all together!


I painted the chairs with Rustoleum Colonial Red satin finish spray paint!!!!
I promise, I am done re-doing my porch, I could sit out here all day! Now time for a good book and a cup of coffee! Thanks Erin!
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