Monday, August 24, 2009

Scrapbuilding-Snowman Hill Style!

Well as my good friend Krista would say, I've been busy scrapbuilding! I wanted to re-arrange my room and didn't have many options for my bed, and thought about putting it kitty-corner between the two windows. But then I quickly discovered that my end tables would not work and we use them every day. So I took a look around the garage to see what I had lurking out there just waiting to be made into something more useful and I spotted and old headboard. Instant corner shelf! My hubby did most of the cutting for me, I painted it and it works perfectly as a little table behind the bed that holds all of our necessities, chap stick, lamp, alarm clock, TV remote, books, etc!

I just love this little bench Mike picked up for me. It was forest green and stained an oak color. I painted it brown, but that wasn't enough, so then I tapped it off and added some auqa striped, still not enough, it looked unfinished. So then I remembered seeing a show on DIY where they added car pin striping to something and thought that would be perfect! $3.99 for 40 feet and I think it gives it a great finished look!

And here is my room, all done! Thanks to my 14 year old son for moving all the furnature, I have to be a director until my knee gets better! :) But I love it! fresh new look to my room! Now go check out Snowman Hill-I get so much of my inspiration from her! So many great ideas!!! My house would not be nearly as cute without her!! also stop by Cottage Instincts for her new linky party!!

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