Monday, August 10, 2009

Everybody Loves Patricia Heaton! (Ray's wife!)

Day 3 for me at the Extreme Makeover site was another great one! Patricia Heaton was the special celebrity for this episode of the show. She had 3 of her 4 sons with, all very nice boys! Patricia was very nice as well.

I spent most of today helping out in Henry's room, we had a ton left to do! I sanded, painted and was asked by Paige to help decorate! It was such a neat expierience, one I will never forget! I was in the house for more shooting today, and it was fun to just watch all the designers just be "real people". Most of them are really funny! It was an exhuasting day, but everyone pulled together and finished the house on time!
There were 10-15,ooo spectators there to watch "Move that Bus", it took a while to get the family there, but once the did it was very cool to watch! The Family seemed to be very happy and gratful for all that was done for them! The show is scheduled to air on Sept. 27 on ABC. Watch for me! I was in a ton of shots, I hope to be in at least 1!!!

Welcome Home Huber family, welcome home!

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