Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cute Outdoor Sign-HOW TO!

It seems I am starting to spend my Saturday's making something that I was inspired by on Pinterest. 
Here is another. I saw this sign little saying, and thought it would be perfect for my mom's greenhouse. 

So I cut 5 boards, each one was 12 inches long
Decided I wanted the letters white, so I gave it a couple of coats of spray paint, let dry!
 Once they were dry I brought them in and started cutting out my letters.
 I used my cricut, I selected several different fonts and sizes. I cut them out of white contact paper. 
 Once I had them all arranged I peeled off the back and stuck them in place. Make sure to stick them down very good. 
 I went back outside and sprayed over the boards, including the sides. I let this dry until it was tacky, and then carefully removed all of the letters. 
 I let that paint dry overnight, and then sanded the edges slightly. To put it all together, I cut 8 pieces of wire, and bent them into a U shape. I drilled small holes in the corners of the boards to put the wire through, and 2 larger holes at the top, I decided to hang it with rope. 
 Once the wire is though all the holes, I used a pliers to twist the wire down tightly against the board. Some I tapped down with a hammer so it didn't stick out too far. 
 To help feed the rope through I taped it off. It makes feeding the rope though much easier. 
 Then remove the tape, tie a knot and you are done!

It is now ready to hang up! Her employees and customers will love it! 

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