Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shutter & Succulents

My hubby hung this shutter for me a while ago, and I knew it needed something in the basket, I just didn't know what. 
The shutter sat in a window for a long time, but now that I wanted it on a wall, it needed to be prepared! 

 We took one of the hinges off of the back and turned it the other direction, still holding the 2 pieces together, but now it won't open.
 Then simply added a wire for hanging but screwing it in on each end.
I added a wreath and cute little bird cage piece I picked up a Michael's 2 seasons ago. It still needed more...

 So I found some hooks that fit perfectly into the shutter and hung a long wire basket.

 But the basket was empty, what could I put inside it??? I have been pondering this for a while now, and then I decided that succulents would be perfect and add a nice spiring touch!
Aren't they cute! Picked them up at Home Depot. I love the different colors each one has!
Time to re-pot them! I had some old galvanized pails that I found at a garage sale in the summer, this is why I buy things that I know I will eventually use. 

I re-potted all 4 succulents into the larger tins. When you do this, be sure to add some rocks in the bottom for drainage! And do not put the dirt all the way to the top of the tin, leave a little room for when you water!

Now they are ready for the shutter basket!

This is the perfect addition to my shutter, now it looks complete!!

I think I have a bit of spring fever, it is 55 in Northern Minnesota today!! It was great to be able to replant these guys outside. 


Audrey said...

Hi Missy .. I love shutters, wire baskets and galvanized and all this looks so good together. You did a great job. Good luck with the plants.
Audrey Z. Timeless Treasures.

SueAnn said...

Love that hanging basket...the succulents are the perfect touch!!

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

Your project turned out great! I love shutters too :) Great idea!
Cheers, Andrea

Holly said...

I had to stop over when I saw your blog title on the sidebar of Gail's Decorative Touch. How cute! Love the shutters and succulents. =)
Holly @ Down to Earth Style

Katie said...

I LOVE how the succulents look! It's like having a window planter on the inside! Looks great!!

aimee said...

this looks great i love it, it would be great if you have the time to link it up to my sunday showoff party at

thankyou so much xxx

MARÍA said...

wow, it looks really nice!!!

María from Spain

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Looks really cute :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful!! what a great way to bring plants indoors!

Stacey said...

Great job - looks super nice! Would love if you came by to link it up at my party happening now! I would love to see you there!
Stacey of Embracing Change

The DIY Show Off said...

Super cute idea, Missy! I love it!

Marlene said...

From a follower in Arizona - you need to be sure there are holes in the bottoms of those cute little pails. Succulents don't like their feet wet AT ALL! In fact, it is recommended here that you plant them in terra cotta pots so the excess water leaches out. And remember, they don't need to be watered very much at all. If it is humid, they will probably need it even less. We don't have much experience with humidity around here so that is just my guess! :) Love what you do and how you inspire us! Thanks!