Thursday, April 23, 2015

Fabric mini bolt tutorial

I did a post about this a few years back but I'm still getting some questions! I decided to do an updated post on how to make fabric mini bolts! 
I have become quite the fabric collector over the last few years and when I'm not careful I end up with piles like this: 
So before I let the fabric take over my room I made mini bolts using foam core. 
I bought a bunch of standard size boards all in white. One board will get you 8 mini bolts. I cut them down to 7.5" x 10".
You will also need long quilting pins. The small ones bend really easy. I fold each piece of fabric lengthwise and then into 3rds.
 I can wrap anywhere from 1/2 yard to 3 yards on one bolt. 
Begin by wrapping one end onto the bolt. 
Continue tonwrapmuntil you get the end of your fabric. 
Fold over the end to form a triangle.
 Fold over the edge and insert a pin to hold it into the bolt. 
You may need 2 depending on how wide the triangle is. 
That's it! They are so easy and store your fabric so neatly. 

This is a cubby from target meant for a kids room, it works perfectly and was rather inexpensive. 
I also have a cabinet that my hubby built years ago for me. 
I keep all my fabric organized by color to make it look pretty and it's easy to find! 
Now for the scraps. They all use to be in one large bin. But I have recently bought this great cabinet at wal mart and some great bins from Hobby Lobby to sort all of my scraps by color. It works great and I use more scraps now that they are organized and out in the open! 
I hope that answers all of your questions on the mini bolts! If not feel free to message me and ask! 

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