Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bunny & flower pot tutorial!

I love that spring is here! The rain today is a sure sign, now if only it would warm up!!
I have been working on a lot of maps these days, but also some fun burlap daffodils and bunnies! 
These were a little tedious but so much fun! 
First I made the pompoms from a thick wool yarn. They fluffed up as soon as I started cutting! For the large pompom I wrapped the yarn around my hand! It worked great, just take of your rings! Ha!! 
For the daffodils I used rit dye to dye the burlap yellow. Burlap dyes beautifully! I just do it right in the sink!
For the Orange centers I simply added some liquid dye to water in a spray bottle and sprayed until I got the desired color. 
I cut 6 petals and sewed them together with embroidery floss. I glued the center in place and made stems from floral pics and green burlap. 
To assemble I added a styrofoam ball inside a 4" pot. I used a dowel rod and inserted it into the large pompom and stuck into the ball. I arranged the flowers and then covered with spanish moss. They were so fun to finish up and will look great in my window all spring! 
I had a bunch of bunnies ready to go for Easter! Think Spring!! 

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